Donations. Your donations are greatly appreciated.  Donations can be a general gift to Dorje Ling, a targeted donation for a certain project, or to add a name to the prayer list.  If a targeted donation, please use the note box in Paypal's donation form, or tell us your intention in person.

Donations can be given in the form of cash (at the center) or check, or the Paypal button below, which allows you to use your credit card.



Please note that Yeshe Nyingpo was the name of the original organization formed by Gyatrul Rinpoche, and you will see this name in the Paypal donation form, because it appears in our 501 c(3) paperwork.

Thank you! We are very grateful for your support.

Prayer List. To submit a name for the Dorje Ling Prayer List, for the living, or for the recently deceased, email Carolyn at (please include date of death for the deceased).  For the deceased, names remain on the prayer list for 49 days.  For the living, names will also remain for 49 days; please let us know if a name can be removed earlier, or if you want to add that person again.

Giving a donation when adding a name to the prayer list is traditional and welcome.

To view the Prayer List, click this link:  Prayer List